Thursday, March 07, 2013

USA Today Tolerates My Anti-Twilight Leanings

My USA Today interview is out, and once again a national newspaper has rewarded me for being obnoxious.  Because now I know they'll let me be mean about Twilight, which given my raging jealousy of Smeyer's empire, suits me fine.  (In all seriousness, while I'm fantastically envious of Ms. Stephenie Meyer and her Empire Of Sparkly Apex Predators,  I love that she got a TON of people reading paranormal romance.)  

I'm off to write the most gushy, inappropriate, chock-full-of-weird-vibes thank you note to Pamela Clare.  I want her to feel gratified that I'm appreciative of her kind words, while also feeling a little squicked out.  ("Why is this thank you note weirdly damp?")  This might well take the rest of my day.  Meanwhile:


Amanda said...

Awesome interview -- fortunately I read the spew alert, because I'd hate to waste any of my glass of appallingly cheap wine by spraying it onto my keyboard :D

MaryJanice Davidson said...

Wise! Even cheap wine is too valuable to spit. ;-)